Dirty Fiat Money!

For now you can always Paypal some money to me at paypalme/KolomonaM

New Fangled Digital Currency

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Value for Value and the Three T’s

It’s all about value for value. I you feel that I’ve provided any value to you then please return some value to me.

Value is very subjective, $5 may seem appropriate to you, or $1,000 may be more your speed. What matters is that you feel, that whatever amount you come up with is right for you.

Value doesn’t always have to be money. Primarily value takes on 3 forms. Time, Talent and Treasure.


Taking the time out of your busy life to view / listen to me is helping to inspire me to create more for you to enjoy.


I have very minimal artistic ability so I could use some help making graphics for this site, or fun little audio blurbs (jingles) for my podcast, or whatever you’re talented at, it’s up to you.

Spread the word by liking my posts and sharing them with your friends. Helping me to find safe places to stay. Giving me advice as to what to do next. The options are only limited to your imagination. Help out wherever you can.


This one’s pretty obvious. You may also send me value in the form of money. Unfortunately, just like you I really need it to live in this crazy mixed up world of ours. Money is always needed and appreciated, especially as it’s very difficult for me to earn whilst I’m on the road.

Special thanks to Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak for demonstrating that the value for value model really works. – The No Agenda Show