Walkabout Update 5 Vegas and Fiddletown CA

Dateline: Las Vegas & Fiddletown, CA

It really helps, alot.

Just before I left Utah on my way to Vegas I got a $5 Paypal donation. In the donation note was a request for me to contact and an email address and a request to check my “Purple Moosages” (permies.com‘s version of private messages).

Intrigued, I did just that and found that this person was moving to FL and he was looking for someone to steward his land until it was sold. I told him that I was interested and I was on my way to Vegas with almost no cell coverage enroute and would contact him as soon as I settled in.

So I arrived in Vegas Monday 9/27/21 got settled in had more communication with my anonymous benefactor, further referred to as W.

Vegas pretty much sucks. If I were in my 20’s I’m sure that I would’ve had a better time, but I’m just no longer interested in the spectical that Vegas is. Don’t get me wrong it’s a very impressive place, it’s just not for me. I pretty much just hung out in the hotel leeching wifi, taking hot showers and sleeping in a nice comfy bed.

At 5:30 am on Wednesday, I began what would be a 9 hour drive from Vegas to Fiddletown California.

The drive to Fiddletown was not very picturesque or inviting, so I just finished the audiobook “The Book of Satoshi” then rocked out to old school 80’s metal from Anthrax to Xentrix. When I got into the Fiddletown area I was very happy to finally see some trees, lakes and rivers. I really don’t want to live in the dessert.

I had a wonderful welcoming from W and his son w (little w). I setup my tent and got a full tour of the property.

The property of my dreams has been one that is on 100+ acres with quite a bit of south facing elevation, it has trees as well as pasture, preferably with running water somewhere on it.

This place is about 85% of what my dream property would be.

It’s a little over 8 acres, lots of trees, a small bit of pasture, a lot of elevation drop and apparently it has a seasonal creek that runs a few months during the rainy season. The slopes are more east / west but there’s plenty of sun exposure for growies and solar panels.

There is a very nice trailer that W and his wife M have recently renovated. It’s plumbed into a septic that was built for a large home.

Ready to do some podcasting! All I need now is internet, the cheapest I’ve found is about $130 / month

There’s a well on the property that kicks out 60 gallons per min and a 600 gallon storage tank that’s routed to the trailer.

Nice Trailer with solar power, gas generator, garden and an awesome well with a 600 gallon tank!

It’s off grid but the power pole is right by the driveway there is a fiber optic line! There is a 300W? Solar array that’s tied to the trailer. The solar array is sized good enough to be able to function throughout the day so long as one is mindful about their energy usage. Plus there’s a 3500W generator.

I’ll let the pictures describe the rest of the property.

Can you spot who was in the garden this morning?
There’s an amazing oak tree that guards the well.
Roasting green coffee beans in a cast iron skillet. This is new to me, I was afraid of burning them so the roast was a bit light.

The W family are wonderful, kind and trusting people. I am truly blessed to have met them. The world would be better if more people were like them.

W is into permaculture as well as spirituality. He appears to be all about helping others. Kind of like a mystical Tony Robbins.

W explained that the reason that he reached out to me was that he had seen what I had posted at permies.com, here on libresults.com and my rant videos and was impressed. It was because I wrote such nice things about as well as real things like “Don’t come to Paul’s place if you’re an asshole” Also the way I presented myself in the videos as genuine. He was very animated and excited which or course is contagious and now I’m excited to be here.

He wanted me to stay here, rent free until it sells all the while improving the property and making it “awesome” for whomever buys it.

He gave me free reign to do whatever I want here. So what I want is to buy it!

W and M agreed to sell this property to me through an owner financed contract. All I need to do is come up with a down payment before someone else buys it. So the race is on!

I need your help

Please help me. I need to raise at least $10,000 for a down payment. The more the better as it would lower my monthly payments.

Please contribute to my cause. You can send me money through Paypal, Strike and even bitcoin. Every bit get’s me closer to finally being able to have a place that I can truly call my own.

So I’m basically moved. W, M and w packed up all their belongings and left to drive across the country to their new home. They left me in excellent shape as this place is truly awesome. I am forever grateful to the W family for allowing me this opportunity to achieve something that I’ve been dreaming about seemingly forever. Thank you!

Also I need a job. Most everything here in CA is expensive so I need a way to earn some regular money. I’d prefer some sort of internet based job to limit my commute and spend more time on the property. I’ll be posting a page of what my skills are shortly.

I will be writing a ton more here all about my experiences transforming this piece of property into my own personal permaculture paradise. This is just the beginning.

Help me to buy my property!

Today I begin preparations for building a wood shed because we all know, winter is coming…

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