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Hello and welcome to I am Kolomona Myer and is my site where I document my progress on bringing liberty into my life.

This page should serve as sort of an overview and quick access to all the content on this site. I will be pinning it to the home page of the site.


On Sept 1st 2021 I decided to pack all my belongings into a storage unit, all my camping gear into my car and set off to wherever the wind may take me. Here are the links for pages related to my walkabout.

I’m Going on a Sabbatical
The announcement I made explaining my motivations

The Journey Begins
I begin my journey salmon fishing with my brother in Sultan, WA

Walkabout Update 1 Wenatchee to Montana
I visit with my Aunt in Almira, WA, visiting Wenatchee, then camping neat St. Regis, MT

Intro to Paul Wheaton and his Permaculture Properties
Because I was heading to Paul Wheaton’s place, I figured I should explain who he is.

Walkabout Update 2 Wheaton Permaculture
I spent a weak as a SEPPer and a Boot at Paul’ s place and share the amazing time I had.

Walkabout Update 3 Wolf Flats Idaho
I find an wonderful camping site in Wolf Flats Idaho

Walkabout Update 4 Great Salt Lake Area, Utah
I camp near the Great Salt Lake of Idaho.

Walkabout Update 5 Vegas and Fiddletown CA
I spend two days in Vegas before heading to Fiddletown, CA for a very unusual opportunity.

Walkabout Update 6 Off Grid Living
I’m staying in Fiddletown, CA living off the grid and share my crazy experiences

Walkabout Update 7 Lots of Rain and a Deer Fence – Effects of 6″ of rain and I build a garden deer fence.

I am Soon to be Homeless With a Mortgage – Walkabout Update 8 – The “Department of Making you Sad” pays me a visit.


I also occasionally do a podcast related to liberty. lately I’ve been focusing on technology, but I may tackle other topics.

Libresults Podcast Episode 1 – Introduction – where I give a brief intro to what the podcast is about

Libresults Podcast Episode 2 – The Importance of Budgeting – Money is important, keeping it even more.

Libresults Podcast Episode 3 – Using a Home Server to Protect Your Privacy Without Sacrificing Connectivity – Title speaks for itself

Libresults Podcast Episode 4 – Intro to Bitcoin – I give a beginners overview about what bitcoin is and how it may change the world.