Walkabout Update 5 Vegas and Fiddletown CA

Dateline: Las Vegas & Fiddletown, CA Just before I left Utah on my way to Vegas I got a $5 Paypal donation. In the donation note was a request for me to contact and an email address and a request to check my “Purple Moosages” (permies.com‘s version of private messages). Intrigued, I did just that and found that this person… More →

Walkabout Update 2 Wheaton Permaculture

If you want to help support me on my travels you may send me some moolah via PaypalI’m not working at a jobby job right now, so anything helps. Thank you. If you don’t know anything about Paul Wheaton or Permaculture, see my last post Intro to Paul Wheaton and his Permaculture Properties Dateline: About an hour outside of Missoula… More →