Walkabout Update 7 Lots of Rain and a Deer Fence

Dateline: Fiddletown, CA For info about how you can support me visit My Support Page – It’s all about value for value for value. I should probably come up with a different name as I’m no longer “walking about”, but for now it’ll have to do. Turkeys, Turkeys and More Turkeys There are turkeys everywhere, they’re almost a nuisance. I… More →

Walkabout Update 5 Vegas and Fiddletown CA

Dateline: Las Vegas & Fiddletown, CA Just before I left Utah on my way to Vegas I got a $5 Paypal donation. In the donation note was a request for me to contact and an email address and a request to check my “Purple Moosages” (permies.com‘s version of private messages). Intrigued, I did just that and found that this person… More →