Thank You

This is where I will be thanking all those that donated to me.

If you would like to be anonymous then just let me know either by email kolomona at or text me if you already have my number. Otherwise I will forever enshrine my gratitude to you, for your generosity here, for all the world to see!

For info about how you can support me visit My Support Page – It’s all about value for value for value.

Or just send me some moolah via Paypal

September 2021

Thank you, Lora (Lori) S. – $50 “Tank of Gas” donation via Paypal

Thank you, Anonymous – Approx $80 in bitcoin

Thank you to my brother Alex – $100 Cash

Thank you to my brother Miles – $500 via Paypal – My brothers are awesome!

Thank you, Mike Schmidt of The 40 Year Old Boy Podcast – $50 via Paypal – Thanks Mike you rock!

Thank you, W. – $50 via Paypal

October 2021

Thank you, Grey Klein – $50 via Paypal

Thank you, Grant E. – via Paypal – For Woodshed, I bought a much needed Post Hole Digger

Thank you, Stephanie Olmstead – Via Paypal

Thank you, W – $100 – Cash via truck sale.

Thank you, Amay – $2,000 via Paypal