Walkabout Update 7 Lots of Rain and a Deer Fence

Dateline: Fiddletown, CA For info about how you can support me visit My Support Page – It’s all about value for value for value. I should probably come up with a different name as I’m no longer “walking about”, but for now it’ll have to do. Turkeys, Turkeys and More Turkeys There are turkeys everywhere, they’re almost a nuisance. I… More →

Libresults Index

Hello and welcome to Libresults.com. I am Kolomona Myer and is my site where I document my progress on bringing liberty into my life. This page should serve as sort of an overview and quick access to all the content on this site. I will be pinning it to the home page of the site. Walkabout On Sept 1st 2021… More →