Walkabout Update 4 Great Salt Lake Area, Utah

It really helps, alot.

I made my way to the Great Salt Lake area of Utah. The campgrounds I stayed at was The North Willow Campgrounds just outside of Tooele.

For the most part the surrounding area was pretty desolate, very desert like and full of sage brush. I was beginning to worry that I’d be camping in the hot sun with no shade or water.

Luckily the campground is nestled at the base of a hill with a creek. There were plenty of trees and shade. I was able to get a pretty decent campsite. It’s a good thing I got here early because the whole place got full of campers, mostly OHV enthusiasts.

I made camp, gathered some firewood and played my guitar for a bit.

The next day I drove to see The Great Salt Lake of Utah. I was pretty excited, I thought that the salt lake would be a pretty cool thing. It wasn’t really, just more desolate and stinky. The lake itself is definitely interesting as it has 12% salinity whereas the oceans have only 3%. It’s so salty that nothing lives in it except brine shrimp, bacteria and brine flies on it’s shoreline.

I thought it would be cool to float myself in all that salinity but it was a bit too gross so I just stood in the water for a bit. Now I can say that I’ve been in the Great Salt Lake.

On Sunday evening I recorded another rant video and decided to go into town to get some supplies.

On my way out I was met with what I call an unconstitutional checkpoint. The local police force had set up at the camp area’s entrance and was stopping every vehicle leaving to ask for everyone’s papers.

I was stopped by officer Hinton a nice enough fellow who was only following orders. Because I could not provide him with proof of insurance he was kind enough to give me a citation. I really wanted to give them a hard time regarding the unconstitutionality of the stop. Say things like “Am I under arrest, no? Then have a nice day” and leave but the last thing I need to do is spend time in Utah jail. So I politely took the ticket and went on to the store.

On my way back I did give officer Hinton a card with this website on it. Maybe he’s reading this now. If so I’d like to recommend a book to him “Ordinary Men” by Christopher R. Browning

After the fiasco with Tooele’s finest, and since most all the campers had left. I decided to hookup my laptop to my car, set up a mic and I sang a good 5 or 6 karaoke songs. That made things better. Too bad it was dark and I didn’t get any pictures.

I don’t really have a lot to say about this place. It’s nice enough but I don’t think I’ll be coming back.

So now I’m on my way to Las Vegas, Nevada. I very much am looking forward to a nice hot shower.

As always I could really use some monetary support especially now that I have to pay the State of Utah.

I like money 🙂

There a bunch of ways you can help me, they all don’t require money. Please read my support page.

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